- Edition 1, Chapter 14.1 -

hair talk: Ashley strout


At Hairstory we often deal with major transformations, but we never execute a change for the sake of drama. Fundamentally, everything we choose to do is truly right for the person in our chair. Sometimes simple edits make the most significant difference to an overall look.

Case-in-point: textile designer and tattoo artist Ashley Strout. When I first saw her, I noticed her haircut was too full and weighted in the back, and her bangs were too wispy and weak. So first, I removed the excess from the back, bringing up the line. Then I added to the bangs, creating a wider frame for her face. I made sure that they did not curve at the sides, which I feel would have made the look too soft; rather, I cut nearly 90-degree angles at her temples.

Hairdressing is an art of refinement, of discovering and exposing the details that give a person a look authentic to who they are. It’s about what it takes to go from good to great – the devil, and my razor, are in those details.