- Edition 1, Chapter 13 -

Jennie and Chloe



Chloe and Jennie applied to be Hairstory models in the same week, each mentioning vaguely that her roommate was also applying. It wasn’t until we spoke with each of them on set that we realized we had cast both of them individually – a testament to their individually likeable and captivating personalities. We find it interesting to learn how people are connected, so we asked them both how their lives are entwined, and what they each thought of their Hairstory experience.





How did you find Hairstory?

Chloe: I found you while perusing the internet!

Jennie: I learned about Hairstory through my roommate, Chloe.

What made you interested in being a Hairstory model?

C: I looked at the transformations, and the stories being told by the hairstyles, and I decided that I had to try it. A new hairstyle and color, and a perfect hairdo can really alter one’s confidence and give one courage. I had just moved to New York a few months prior, and I was ready for that boost.

J: I had a difficult time finding the right artist to cut my hair for the better part of two years. My hair has an unusual texture; it’s curly, and a bit dry, and thin. I wanted to see what the artists at Hairstory could do to manage and change my look.

What was your favorite part about visiting Hairstory?

C: I loved how truly committed each person involved is to the complete vision and transformation of the models.

J: I enjoyed meeting the team. It was awesome to hear and see what everyone envisioned for my look. I'd never had so much attention placed on me at once, so it was interesting to feel and experience that as well.

You two are roommates; how do you know each other?

J: We met through a housing listing last summer. I was in need of a couple of roommates for a new apartment and she and her boyfriend applied to my ad. It's been a very relaxed, comfortable, and creative set-up ever since.

C: We got to know each other when I moved in! She creates the most delightful children’s book illustrations and graphics, and we like to compare creative notes.

As artists in different respects, do you enjoy living with another artist?

J: It's been great living with Chloe. We're both lovers of the kitchen and find ourselves cooking and baking often. We enjoy talking about art, nature, the city; it's refreshing to be able to come home and not feel intimidated by your living space, which can happen in certain roommate situations. Since both of us are artists, it's also a pleasure to share and discuss our ideas with one another and learn from each other's separate creative viewpoints.

C: It is a treat to live with someone like Jennie. She has a great eye for style and decor, and is also an incredibly talented illustrator. We quickly realized how much we have in common, from musical tastes to a love of plants. Now we have a nice windowsill filled with succulents, cacti, and herbs. Jennie is designing the poster for my band, Tanbark’s upcoming album release show, and it has been lovely to collaborate. Unsurprisingly, the poster is going to be filled with desert flora and organic, Art Nouveau-inspired filigrees.

What did you think of each other’s final Hairstory transformation?

J: I love Chloe’s new hair! Although subtle in cut, the soft color palette complements her style very well. She has this interesting country-chic look, and I think the minimalist cut and color have allowed her to remain true to already defined style.

C: I love Jennie’s short hair. It really suits her and her playful style! A new haircut changes your whole identity, and Jennie was transformed into this mod chick with a distinct turn-of-the-century elegance. When she went to Hairstory first, Jennie described her whirlwind haircut so wonderfully it got me excited to see what kind of magical transformation would happen to me. Afterwards, we had a grand old time comparing notes. The focus of Jennie’s look was the cut, and for me it was the color.

What did you think of your own final Hairstory transformation?

J: I loved my final look. At first I was a little uncertain of having my hair so short, because it really emphasized my facial features in a way I'd never seen before, but it helped me embrace those qualities about myself a little more. I truly prefer this look over any I've had in the past, and I would definitely continue with this cut in the future; I’m looking forward to experimenting with more short styles as it grows.

C: I was smitten. It was the most delicious strawberry-peach-blonde – a dusty lemonade. Cat kept playing with tones until it was perfection. The cut was gorgeous, and the color blends seamlessly into my natural palette. I haven’t cut or colored my hair now in almost six months and the color looks just as wonderful as when it was first done! It was an incredibly thoughtful cut by Wes, a perfect balance of shape and texture somewhere between a bob and a shag. I am so grateful that I got to have this experience, and it has been a delight to watch Hairstory transform other lucky heads of hair.