- Edition 1, Chapter 15.1 -

hair talk: ROWAN




We’ve had many students from the New School come into the studio – smart, spirited, outspoken young ladies who have at times become interns, even full-time employees. It’s part of what’s really great about this space and its potential. A lot of these women come in and we go for really bold, expressive, punk colors – the stereotypical young just-moved-to-NYC rebel. I love doing it, and it works out very well most of the time.

However, for Rowan, I wanted to do something completely different. She’d been through her neon phase early and was ready for something new. I was interested in the idea of making a statement, but one of sophistication. It can be difficult to make a great brunette – warmth, coolness, saturation can have vast implications on how a person’s skin appears. When I look at this brunette, I see intelligence, depth, but also elegant playfulness that the cut helps brings to life.