- Edition 1, Chapter 13.4 -

Hair talk: Jennie Penny




When Jennie came in her hair was long and it really didn’t suit her. She has this beautiful face with porcelain skin and these almond-shaped, hazel eyes. Her hair laid on either side of her head, lifeless, with what I would call a “sad curl.” When we sat down to talk she told me that she predominantly wore it up and away from her face, and I thought aloud, “We can cut it so it’s always away from your face.”

There’s always something brave about cutting your hair short because it’s a lot more than the physical act: you are making a daring choice to expose yourself – to others and to you. In my experience there’s always some introspective element when a woman goes from long to short hair. They discover something new about themselves, and that’s fascinating to me. It’s almost zen, taking away the distractions, and finding new space.


As a hair colorist part of my work is knowing when color is needed and when it’s simply not. Wes’ haircut was so brilliant, her hair texture so much better than before the cut, that I did not want to touch it. It was romantic and beautiful in and of itself. Like any artist it’s important to know when to put the brush down.