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Ashley Strout, 31, is a textile-designer-turned-tattoo-artist who was referred to us by Nylon Magazine’s Beauty Editor, Jade Taylor. Ashley’s Hairstory was one of subtle adjustment, but the results speak volumes of a well-trained eye. While the new look still complemented her unique personal aesthetic, it also managed to elevate it. Ashley is a woman of many talents, and we were curious about her work, what drew her to the world of tattooing, and, of course, what she thought of her visit to Hairstory.


Where are you from & What brought you to NYC?

Los Angeles, California. The culture and energy of the city, design, and seasons.

How long have you been working as a tattoo artist?

I have been tattooing almost two years. I’m working full time now and recently completed an apprenticeship at Magic Cobra Tattoo Society in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

What got you into the tattoo business?

I designed textiles for many years. I never felt like my dark sense of humor and kitschy designs translated well commercially. I would have survived better in the good ol’ days when everything was done by hand and from the heart. I just feel like tattooing is still really old school and fits my aesthetic. Mostly I want to work with my hands.


How would you describe your work?

Vintage-inspired, kitschy, dark humor-influenced, creepy, weird.

What would you say are your biggest creative influences?

My dad, Alexander Calder, Vintage Cartoons, Percy Waters, Sonia Delaunay and Celia Birtwell.

What inspires you about what you do?

The complete artistic satisfaction that I get from tattooing. I feel completely fulfilled.

What made you interested in being a Hairstory model?

I love being inspired by other creative people and I wanted to learn more about your new products.

What was your favorite part about your experience?

The overall relaxing environment and being around other creatives.

To see more of Ashley’s tattoo work, follow her on Instagram: @ol_ash




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