- Edition 1, Chapter 7 -

The New Way to Wash HAir




Wes and Cat found Charlotte while shopping in Soho. They stopped into Le Labo to pick up perfume and happened to overhear some of the customers talking about how they hated shampoo. They quickly joined the conversation explaining New Wash and Hairstory Studio. Charlotte who was working behind the counter overheard and was intrigued by the model casting concept. Wes quickly invited her to come for a haircut and to try the product which he felt would be 'divine' for her curls.


Kim found us after poring over a Refinery 29 article about Molly Carrol’s dramatic color change and feeling inspired, reached out to Hairstory. Although she’d made the move to go natural several years ago (she shaved her head for a play in college) and was completely in love with her curls, she was feeling some serious color envy. Roxie painted some color into Kim’s thick, beautiful hair, and after sending her home with a bottle of New Wash, Kim was floored at how well her hair responded. “Detangling is easier, and my kinks have more bounce. Moisture retention isn't as big of an issue for me as it was before, and I use less of my go-to products throughout the week.”


Oakley, an actor, went to England recently and ran out of face wash, so she used New Wash instead, and her complexion completely cleared up. She started using it to take makeup off, shave her legs, everything. Travel is a big part of her lifestyle, and she recommends it wherever she goes; people actually walk up to her on the street and ask why her hair looks so great. “It’s mind-blowing how one product can change so many things,” she says. “It has actually affected my interaction with people since I believe in it so much – which I never thought I’d say without being paid to!”




Suzi met our producer, Cat, on a yoga retreat in 2015 and after hearing her talk about Hairstory Studio and the model project. She became intrigued and submitted herself for casting right then and there. During our shoots we give models the product to take home, Suzi has been a big fan of New Wash ever since.