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Our Story

Every day, we are rethinking everything about hair in a world where the old rules no longer apply.

We asked some provocative questions about hair care and came up with some surprising answers: Is shampoo the best way to wash? (No. It’s the worst.) Are so many shampoos for every imaginable hair type necessary? (No. It’s clever marketing.) How many styling products do the best hairdressers in the world rely on regularly? (Only about 6.) 

We created three cleansers to cover all hair types, and limited our range of styling products to address most needs – rarely launching new ones; when we do, it is with purpose and not the trends.

We invented a new way to sell products: No distributors; no big-box stores, and rewarding hairdressing professionals for recommending our products to their clients, allowing them to participate in e-commerce as never before.

Our small but growing staff is a balance of analytical and creative minds, all with a seat at the table in our Manhattan Studio, also home to a salon and some brilliant hairdressers. We share a passion for individual expression and environmental stewardship, and are proud to be one of many companies that contributes to organizations vetted by 1% for the Planet.

You may think that shampoo and conditioner are essential for healthy hair. Think again: They strip your hair of eons of evolutionary biology.

We overclean everything.

Once people discovered that keeping our hands clean helps us live longer, we started super-cleaning everything – including our hair and scalps. But, we stripped hair of its natural moisture with detergents. We upset its natural balance, and over time we invented more and more moisturizing solutions to fix the problems that shampoo created in the first place.

At Hairstory, we set out to find a completely new way for people to clean their hair – one that restores and respects the body’s natural balance, one that leaves hair lively, happy, healthy – the hair you were always meant to have.

Each ingredient was selected to do the most for your hair while having the lightest impact on the environment: New Wash is detergent-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, silicone-free, human-tested, color-safe, pH-optimal, and biodegradable.

Consider the rules of haircare officially changed. Welcome to the Hairstory era.

Our Values

Less is more

New Wash cleans without detergents – better for your hair and scalp, and 100% biodegradable to protect wherever the water from your shower ends up. Our product line is purposefully lean, growing only for good reasons.

Healthy hair starts at the scalp.

New Wash helps maintain the ideal foundation for growing your best hair since childhood. Our styling products also nourish hair while you express your creativity.


We list every single ingredient on our packaging and on each product page on this website – including fragrance components.

360º Sustainability

Non-toxic ingredients, refillable packaging, and charitable donations: A portion of your New Wash purchases is donated to water-related conservation nonprofits.


We celebrate all hair types, origins, ages, genders, and offer our products as tools for the spectrum of self-expression.

A painful condition, a soothing solution

Our product developer Jackie Bauer struggled with scalp psoriasis since childhood. She tried everything from special shampoos to steroids, but nothing worked well – or for long. 

Once she discovered that detergents are irritants that contribute to the severity of scalp struggles, Jackie tested one formula after another until she found a fix – and New Wash was born.

Her commitment to finding a personal solution has allowed us to offer help to so many others.
Jackie’s confidence in New Wash is so strong that her entire family uses it exclusively, especially her young daughters, one of whom suffers from – and now manages – scalp psoriasis. 

For more success stories, search psoriasis (or any other condition) in New Wash reviews.

We’re happy to discuss any concerns and answer any questions.

Hairstory Studio is
located in Manhattan.

Stop in to pick up products, or to find hairdressers near you who carry them.