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Fall 2020 Hair Forecast

by Alanna|26 August, 2020|Blog / Inspiration / 

Fall 2020 will be just as unusual as this year’s previous seasons, and hairdressing will still be affected by the Pandemic. 

So, as summer closes, we asked a few of our hairdressers their thoughts for fall hair, and two themes emerged: Which are the best cuts when half your face is masked? Which styles should you turn to when your hair is less pampered with fewer salon visits – or simply grown out?

Go for the Bang

Scissor wizard Wes Sharpton proclaims that Fall is the perfect moment for bangs – and his Instagram feed proves his love for them year ‘round. “The weather is great; less humidity means less worrying about fringe sticking to the forehead, or curls shrinking up short, and being generally annoying. Bangs draw the viewer’s eye to the eyes, and in these masked months, our eyes are how we communicate with each other.”

“If you were my client,” he continues, “I’d ask you if you often wear a mask. If you work remotely and people see you primarily on screen, how a mask affects your look wouldn’t be my main consideration. But if you are mostly out and about in the world and your face is usually half-covered, I would have more to consider.”

Wes might steer you away from curtain bangs if you’re a heavy mask-wearer, “because too much of your face would be hidden. I’d suggest bangs that are straight across or slightly curved to reveal more of your eyes. Or a longer bang that sits at the cheekbone – those side bits that we love and see most often with a shag cut – would avoid getting hair trapped in mask straps. Comfort is key.”

The Shag Shines On

Hairdresser and curl specialist Jikiaih Stevens is on the same wavelength as Wes, and is also getting into bangs. In addition, “I’m still seeing the natural textures and voluminous shapes of the past few seasons,” she says. “And with the Pandemic still upon us, low-maintenance cuts that have room to grow are very important.”

To that end, “I’m doing a lot of razor-cut baby bangs,” she says, “to maintain a strong defined style as they grow out and downward.” Bangs are a defining quality of the Shag, one of Jikaiah’s favorite cuts: “It gives my clients multiple lengths and shapes over the next few months.”

Long Styles Coming

Since COVID has changed how often people are getting their hair done in salons, hairdresser Jennifer Covington-Bowers sees the need for protective styles like braids and twists for highly-textured hair as it grows. And for those who took the opportunity to grow their hair during the past several months, “I see a real interest in trying styles such as updos and chignons.”

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