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Booth Renters

Control how you retail.

Hairstory offers you total control of what you sell without requiring you to carry inventory. Our business model allows hairdressers to participate in e-commerce so you can earn money referring products that you love, regardless of your salon’s offerings.

Perks of joining us

  • A customized business plan

    We work with you to meet your needs.

  • No big buy-in

    No minimum order means you can start today. We recommend using New Wash at the backbar – not a requirement if your salon won't allow it.

  • No space? No problem!

    Use Hairstory products on your clients in person, then encourage them to purchase online through your unique Client Referral link.

  • Generous backbar and stylist station program

    Earn points when both you and your clients make Hairstory purchases, and redeem them to restock your backbar.

  • Never get cut out of retail sales again

    Whether in-person or online, every sale earns a commission.

  • Earn passive income

    Hairstory customers are loyal, which means you earn each time they reorder. Can’t see clients? As long as they keep buying, you maintain an income stream!

  • Use your commissions your way

    We pay you in cash, not product credit. Save it, spend it, or put it towards education or other investments.

  • Money that makes a difference

    Some of our hairdressers earn thousands each month!

  • Restock with ease

    Out of Hairstory? Active Hairdressers can order online without a representative.

  • Healthier hair means happier clients

    When clients are happier, they book more, buy more, and refer their friends.


“I am making commissions not only in the salon but online even when I am not behind the chair. I have been able to use this money by putting it back into my business to pay for rent, supplies, and education. I have even used it to pay for a family vacation!”

Carissa O’Brien

Hairstory Dallas

Dallas, TX

Joined in 2015

“Hairstory has a very easy and generous commission program. I also love all of the free products you earn from your sales, which I can use in my backbar or give as gifts to my family and friends.”

Britt Hirschberg

Salt & the Sun

Sacramento, CA

Joined in 2018

“I love Hairstory because every single product actually does what they claim to do, and is unique to any other line I’ve used in my salon. Hairstory sells easily to guests because it is easy to use, and it is something different for clients that makes them excited!”

Hannah Lewis

Salon Kelektiv 2

Winchester, VA

Joined in 2020

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