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Commissioned Employees

Earn commissions recommending products you love.

Hairstory has created a business model that allows hairdressers to participate in e-commerce. Our products are a great source of extra income for stylists, many of whom are eventually able to transition to working for themselves.

Perks of joining us

  • A customized business plan

    We work with you to meet your needs.

  • No purchase necessary

    You don’t need to buy inventory. Encourage clients to purchase online using your unique Client Referral link.

  • Never get cut out of retail sales again

    Whether in-person or online, every sale earns a commission.

  • Earn passive income

    Hairstory customers are loyal, which means you earn each time they reorder. Can’t see clients? As long as they keep buying, you maintain an income stream!

  • Money that makes a difference

    Some of our hairdressers earn thousands each month!

  • Use your commissions your way

    We pay you in cash, not product credit. Choose to save it, go on vacation, or put it towards education or other investments.

  • Healthier hair means happier clients

    When clients are happier, they book more appointments, buy more products, and refer their friends.


“I haven’t been working since March and it’s been great to receive something in my bank account every month. I’m doing more product consultations and sending them my direct link so they can purchase the product I recommend.”

Shiela Vegara

San Francisco, CA

Joined in 2015

“Hairstory has alleviated so much of the fear in switching from commission to rental. I don’t have to worry about setting anything up from scratch and no one linked with my account had to sign up with a new account. I didn’t need to jump through hoops, the points I earned as a commission stylist can be used now that I am an independent stylist, and any questions I have are only an email away. ”

Casey Konstantynowicz

Oakland, CA

Joined in 2019

“Most of my clients don't want to have to do a lot to their hair, and they've kept up the 'wash and go' method for years. New Wash easily fits into the low maintenance ideal and at least a third of my clients have switched to exclusively using it.”

Lela Falk

Los Angeles, CA

Joined in 2019

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