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Earn commission for recommending products you love.

Promoting Hairstory is a great source of income for hairdressers working outside the traditional salon environment. Share the magic of Hairstory with other hairdressers or clients, and earn commissions on their purchases for life.

Perks of joining us

  • A customized business plan

    We work with you to meet your needs.

  • No purchase necessary

    Inventory not part of your hair story? Help grow our community using your unique Client Referral link.

  • Introduce Hairstory to your students

    Earn commissions on all purchases by hairdressers you introduce and by their clients too. Once someone uses your link, you’ll earn on all future sales.

  • Earn passive income

    Hairstory customers are loyal, which means you earn each time they reorder using your link. Out of work? As long as they keep buying, you maintain an income stream!

  • Use your commissions your way

    We pay you in cash, not product credit. Save it, spend it, or put it towards education or other investments.

  • Money that makes a difference

    Some of our hairdressers earn thousands each month!

  • Healthier hair means happier clients

    When clients are happier, keep coming back, buy more, and become living advertisements and referrals.


“Hairstory has been a great addition to my income since I get a monthly pay-out for all of my online sales and downstream of client orders. It’s also awesome to use my points for not just backbar but for inventory as well. ”

Kellyn Jones

Good Hair Co

Greenville, IL

Joined in 2016

“I love the Hairstory line as a whole because they have created clean, safe, minimalist, high-performance haircare that really does cover every hair need. I think consumers and stylists are overwhelmed and paralyzed by all of the options out there.”

Whitney Murphy


Palm Desert, CA

Joined in 2019

“I love Hairstory because it aligns with my core principles as a hairstylist and it’s easy and feels genuine for me to talk about with my clients and other hairdressers.”

Dre Donoghue

DRE Education

Asheville, NC

Joined in 2018

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