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Independent Hairdressers

The modern day hairdresser requires modern-day retail.

As independent practice becomes a norm in the industry, product companies are slow to adapt, and solo artists, often with tight cash flow, are left out. Our business model was designed with you in mind so you can focus on building your business and your clientele – while knowing that your retail business virtually runs itself.

Perks of joining us

  • A customized business plan

    We work with you to meet your needs.

  • No big buy-in

    Means you can start retailing immediately online.

  • No space? No problem!

    Start with some products on hand to sell in-person and gradually encourage clients to purchase online with your custom link.

  • Generous backbar and stylist station program

    Earn points when both you and your clients make Hairstory purchases, and redeem them to restock your backbar.

  • Earn passive income

    Hairstory customers are loyal, which means that as long as they keep using Hairstory products – even if they move away or change salons – you maintain an income stream!

  • Never get cut out of retail sales again

    Whether in-person or online, every sale earns a commission.

  • Use your commissions your way

    We pay you in cash, not product credit, so you can use it to fund your business, not constantly re-invest in retail stock.

  • Money that makes a difference

    Some of our hairdressers earn thousands each month!

  • Restock with ease

    Running low? Order online without having to contact a representative.

  • Healthier hair means happier clients

    Happy clients keep coming back, follow your advice, and refer friends. Hairstory products can actually improve client retention.


“I love the fact that it’s passive income… I have my link on my social accounts and that helps me to earn commission even when I’m not working.”

April Kayganich

Austin, TX

Joined in 2016

“Every single experience with this company has been a home run, from the interactions with my rep (who is a delightful unicorn), to the epic business model, and online capabilities they promote! They are constantly boosting inspiration and accessibility, not to mention the attention to detail when it comes to being an eco-friendly company.”

Xoie Angelica

Bonjour Beautiful

Bodega Bay, CA

Joined in 2020

“Many of my guests who made the switch realized they actually had waves hiding under the layers of buildup from other products. Once the hair can breathe, we can breathe. I no longer need treatments added into my hair routine because it stays healthy.”

Amber Gardner

Iron & Quill Salon

Newburgh, NY

Joined in 2020

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