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The next chapter of your hair story starts with New Wash.

New Wash: All the benefits of shampoo, none of the dried-out drawbacks.

Replacing detergent with oil-based cleansing means gently removing impurities while preserving sebum. New Wash not only replaces shampoo and conditioner, but also deep conditioners, masques, and detanglers!

Make your best work even better by helping clients reclaim their best hair since childhood.

  • Hair reveals its true nature
  • Hair becomes healthier and stronger
  • Less frequent washing becomes possible
  • Color lasts far longer
  • Scalp conditions improve

Choose from three formulas:

New Wash:

Scalp complaints

Hair complaints



“It gets itchy and irritated.”

“It’s so oily I have to wash every day.”

Volume, movement, oil balance, less frequent washing, color care


“It feels fine, maybe a little flaky when the seasons change.”

“I try to wash less often, but it hasn’t really helped.”

Ease, health, shine, movement, less frequent washing, color care


“I worry about product build-up.”

“Dry, dry, dry. I can’t get enough moisture.”

Moisture, frizz control, curl enhancement, color care, less frequent washing

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The Sunday Times

Read how New Wash helped one of the UK’s leading beauty editors finally fall in love with her hair again.

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