What are the best hair styling products?

There are a multitude of products that come highly recommended by professional hair stylists after assessing your type of hair. However, there are certain universal products that can be used to style your hair regardless of whether it's curly, straight, thick, or thin.

The most necessary products that anyone can integrate into their hair care regimen are: a quality texturizer, root-lifting volumizer, heat protectant, and dry shampoo.

How do you use hair styling products?

It depends on the exact product! Styling products can come in the form of a mousse, cream, gel, spray, wax, or oil. Specific products may have instructions to use while hair is wet such as a hair oil or smoothing cream, like Hair Balm, while other products may require that you use when hair is dry, such as dry shampoo (Powder) or sea salt spray for added texture (Pro Tip: Our Undressed texturizing spray doesn’t contain even a grain of salt to sap moisture!).

Are styling products bad for hair?

Once again, it depends on the exact ingredients used in the so-called "hair care" products. Hair styling products that contain natural, organic ingredients are far more beneficial to your hair's health, as opposed to products containing parabens, sulfates, and various types of chemicals and detergents that ultimately contribute to damaged hair as natural oils are removed. Sometimes styling products can protect your hair from the other damage we do to it, such as our Dressed Up Hair Protector.

What is the purpose of hair styling?

To enhance your hair, of course! Hair styling products should be used to supplement your already naturally beautiful hair. Whether you have curly hair, wavy hair, or straight hair, there are plenty of products that can elevate the appearance of strands by boosting the level of volume, texture, smoothness, and shine. If you have color-treated hair, many products with naturally-derived ingredients contain an anti-fading complex to preserve the color without contributing to an itchy scalp or damaging the lovely locks.