New Wash (Deep) Starter Kit

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This kit contains one 8-oz bottle of New Wash (Deep), one 1.35-oz bottle of Powder, and one Brush (free).

The shampoo-free lifestyle comes with many rewards; some are instant and others you’ll discover over time as the scalp finds a new balance and hair rebounds. But for some new converts, extra time and patience are called for while the scalp gets the message that the constant battle with detergent is over and less oil is needed. Learn how New Wash actually works here.

So, if oiliness is your chief hair challenge, this kit will ensure success during the transition and well beyond: New Wash (Deep) for extra cleansing; Powder to help manage oil between washing (and create magical, matte volume), and a free shower brush to help you massage New Wash through hair onto the scalp – and help you rinse thoroughly.

We donate 1% of your New Wash purchase to non-profit, water-focused organizations vetted by 1% For The Planet.

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how to use this kit

Use New Wash (Deep) as often as you wish:
Get hair wet (like always).
Coat ALL hair with New Wash (like conditioner).
Massage into hair and scalp using your fingers, then then massage your scalp gently with the brush along the grain of your hair; avoid circular, loopy motion to keep hair from tangling.

Rinse thoroughly, sweeping the brush from roots to ends to assist. Rinse your brush, allow to dry, and store away from sunlight and extreme temperatures.

To absorb oiliness between washings, Puff some Powder into dry hair, wiggle and waggle through with fingers, and style.



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