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New Wash

New Wash, New Hair

8oz | 236ml

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Imagine a future when you can wash, condition, detangle and repair your hair using only one product. Your shower would be so much tidier, and your regimen so much simpler!

Well, the future has arrived, so go ahead and toss all those bottles gathering dust in your bathroom because New Wash cleans hair with a proprietary blend of essential oils and naturally derived saturated cleansers – and no detergents or synthetic compounds. It conditions hair at the same time, and leaves it tangle-free. Over time, it revives hair abused by detergent, damaged by bleach, and fried by heat styling. If that wasn’t enough, color lasts far longer, and troubled scalps become so much happier.

Rediscover the true nature of your hair (most of us have no idea how amazing it can be). We understand if you're skeptical, but our customers are happy – very happy – search their reviews to find people like you. So take the plunge and meet your hair's new best friend, and to be sure the relationship lasts, start off with a New Wash Kit

Do you think New Wash is expensive? Find out why it's worth the price here.
Learn how New Wash actually works here.

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