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Thank you to our models for sharing their stories & our team who helped create the content for Edition 2

 Editor-in-Chief & Photographer: Michael Gordon

Creative Director & Copy Editor: Alexander Brebner

 Producer: Cat Meyer




Alannah Farrell

Amanda Evans

Carol Fertig

Cary Hulbert

Ella Chodos-Irving

Grace Yang

Janelle Anne

Jennie Penny

Kate Pelc

Lina Makdisi

Malory Butler

Marti Ragan

Oakley Boycott

Paulette Lewis

Sarina Dailey

Shani Hadjian

Sian Gordon

Susan Holland

Tee Anderson

Xi Chen

Yena Kim

Production Team & Content Contributors

Gina Schiappacasse

Andrew Rosenberg

Jackie Bauer

Nova Pan

Meaghan Houck

Lucy Nystrom

Paul Physioc


Hair & Makeup Team

Tony Kelley

Wes Sharpton

Roxie Darling

Yuui Vision

Remy Moore

Mila Minakova

Julia Elena

Beth Shanefelter

Brian Casey

Clara Rae 

Natalia Lopez

Jarred Lovinella

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