Thank you to our models for sharing their stories and our team who helped create the content for Edition 9.

 Editor-in-Chief & Photographer: Michael Gordon

Creative Director & Copywriter/editor: Alexander Brebner

 Producer: Cat Meyer



Hairstory Models

Dattar Khalsa
Nyla Hasan
Fatima Monkush
Andrea Baez
Fazeelat Aslam
Sonia Ajwani
Danica You-Hamilton

Production & Content Contributors

Gina Schiappacasse
Andrew Rosenberg
Alexander Brebner
Cat Meyer
Ella Chodos-Irvine
Meaghan Houck
Lucy Nystrom
Kelly Otterness

Hair, Makeup & Wardrobe

Wes Sharpton
Roxie Darling
Tony Kelley
Remy Moore
Beth Shanefelter
Julia Elena
Mila Minakova
Yuui Vision
Clara Rae