- Edition 9 -



While our past Editions have focused on curls, ethnicity, short-short hair, a lot of color, and makeovers, this one is about people with roots in different parts of the world, and about how taste and style are borderless.

What we do appeals to the women profiled here; some grew up in quite a restrained way, and were not allowed to cut their hair, or color it anything but brown. So there’s a fascinating geopolitical aspect; you don't need to change countries to express your style or point of view; if anything, hairdressers need to be even clearer than ever about what makes people from anywhere in the world look good. It’s exciting; these women transcended all this regrettable violence over religion and culture, and related beautifully to us and each other. We were quite moved by their stories.

This Edition is a restrained one from a hairdressing perspective; there’s no shouting. Our product philosophy that less is more is perfect for these women, and is part of the subtle style and innate good taste they all possess. They don’t want to wear lots of products, and the fuss-free hair we gave them needs to be of the best quality. Our products make that possible. Maybe we had to go halfway across the world to find our perfect market.



Sixteen Years of Hair

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Nyla & Fatima

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