- Edition 1 -

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t use hair to chronicle their life in some way. It has such a powerful effect on appearance and self-esteem – and it’s the one thing you can change again and again.

In this, our first edition, you’ll meet Jennie, a fine, curly-headed girl who envied those “with sleek, straight, fall-into-place hair,” Rowan who didn’t grow any hair at all until she was 2 years old, and Jackie who rues the day she got a teenage perm. Even boyhood isn’t off limits.

Hairstory.com is a chronicle of what we do here at Hairstory Studio – host people of every ilk and facilitate amazing experiences for them. Stylist Tony Kelley, colorist Roxie Darling, cutter Wes Sharpton, and a passionate creative team treat our models (who aren’t models at all in the professional sense) with compassion, respect, care, and attention to every detail. These are their hair stories.



Our Product Story

Ed.1, Ch.1.3 | Transforming hair with New Wash means rethinking styling products. Watch

 Monthly Muse: Clara Rae

Ed.1, Ch.2 | A makeup artist and model on the evolution of her hair and finding Wes and Roxie. Read

What’s Your Hairstory? Jaclyn Luft

Ed.1, Ch.3 | Pretty pink: A woman formerly lost and newly found Watch

Hair Talk: Jaclyn Luft

Ed.1, Ch.3.1 | What makes a bob modern? What kind of color can be called “inquisitive?” Read

Model Talk: Zoe Bullock

Ed.1, Ch.4 | “I was made up and styled with a lion’s mane, a shiny face, and large eyebrows – weird in all the good ways.” Read

On Set: Justine Pierre

Ed.1, Ch.6 | Get a stylist’s eye view of this model on set. Watch

If you knew: Suzi Ziegler

Ed.1, Ch.7 |  Meet this bobbed yogi, rock star and fashion designer. Read

Hair Talk: Suzi

Ed.1, Ch.7.1 | Wes and Roxie: Timelessness can also be cool. Read

Model Talk: Yinna Wang

Ed.1, Ch.8 | A makeup artist shares her virgin color experience. Watch

The New Way to Wash hair

Ed.1, Ch.9 | Four models wake up and smell the New Wash.Read

Words of Wesdom

Ed.1, Ch.12 | Our lead haircutter’s preferences, references, and blades of choice Read

Jennie & Chloe

Ed.1, Ch.13 | A pair of roommates share hair stories, music and creative collaboration. Read

Q&A Chloe Nelson

Ed.1, Ch.13.1 | A musician discusses folk, feminism, Grace Kelly and Kurt Cobain. Read

 hair talk: Jennie Penny

Ed.1, Ch.13.4 | Wes makes “sad” curl happy and Roxie steps aside. Read

Q&A: Ashley Strout

Ed.1, Ch.14 | A Tattoo artist explores vintage ink and dark humor. Read

Hair Talk: Ashley

Ed.1, Ch. 4.1 | Less is more: Simple edits make big differences. Read

Model Talk: Rowan Katz

Ed.1, Ch.15 | This student discovers life on the dark side. Read

Hair Talk: Rowan

Ed.1, Ch. 15.1 | Roxie discusses taking a rebel to sophisticate. Read

On Set: Rowan

Ed.1, Ch.15.2 | Rowan recounts her Hairstory tale. Watch

If you knew: Roxie Darling

Ed.1, Ch.16 | Roxie on orange, white walls and natural color. Read