- Edition 4 -



While we write this, New York Fashion Week is here. Much of our staff is out of our Studio helping Tony Kelley style tonight’s show for the label threeAsFour; gift bags of Hairstory products are on their way uptown for editors and models; our friend and fashion PR mastermind Julian Vogel is here from London on the first of two yearly visits to tend to clients.

In days the whole circus moves on to Europe, and it’ll be hard to remember what happened here for long. But this edition of Hairstory isn’t a report about last week, or even last year (though we will show you what happens tonight); it is a series of personal accounts of fashion moments that inspire us any day in any season.

The point is: Can you take inspiration from a fashion show? Does it last? We say overwhelmingly yes; it may keep you going for years. It may even become something that defines your style. If Wes could do cuts all day long inspired by that one Dior show, he’d be a happy guy.

That brings us to the subject of muses. It’s an odd thing; hairdressers tend to sit waiting for clients instead of going out and choosing them. If you hit on the right one it can completely change your career. Michael met model Marilyn Clark when she was 16 or 17 on a shoot for Seventeen Magazine. He started cutting her hair and never stopped. When he was developing Bumble in New York, thousands of women came in with a picture of her and her haircut.

You have to go and choose someone whose look you like and invite them in. The power of a muse shouldn’t be overlooked. You’re making a choice and not sitting there wishing you had cooler clients. So go get some!



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