- Edition 5 -



We'll say it unapologetically: We've always been fans of short hair on women. Remember the model Tina Chow who Helmut Newton used to shoot quite a bit in the early ’70s? Her hair was extremely short, yet strangely sophisticated.

Fast-forward to today’s women buzzing their hair and choosing barber shops over salons. Recently, Wes gave two of our models’ hair quite short cuts, and they both asked, “Can you cut it shorter?” So we put together these short stories, based on the art of scissor-over-comb. While a gifted barber can do amazing things with clippers, scissor-over-comb introduces a subtlety, and is a very meticulous and painstaking technique.

These looks are fresh, brave, and bold. It's time to get used to women looking sexy without 9-inch heels, squashed in, trussed up, flicking barrel-tonged hair around – overt sexuality that isn't sexy at all. This, by contrast is a naked kind of confidence that’s very attractive on anyone, man or woman.



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