- Edition 7 -



It’s amazing how many people with curly hair think it’s frizzy when it really isn’t. They describe it as a burden and something to get rid of. But curly hair is coming into its own now as an expressive, organic statement against looking like everyone else.

Every African-American woman whose hair we’ve done has said they use five or six products that without a doubt are completely unnecessary. They use detergent, then a leave-in, something else, and then another thing… it annoys us because they’re being so ripped off. So ripped off.

So what we’ve tried to do here is present a great variety of people with curls – and we hope that this edition in particular resonates with people and frees them from pointless, duplicitous products that they don’t know what to do with, because they don’t do anything. These stories are the best evidence yet that less is absolutely more.



Color, curl, and culture

Ed. 7, Ch. 1| Afros in America Read


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Ed. 7, Ch. 3| Rock Yo Rizos Read


Ed. 7, Ch. 4| A Short Story, with Gray Areas Read


Ed. 7, Ch. 5| From Brazil with Love Read


Ed. 7, Ch. 6| A Minimalist Unleashed Read


Ed. 7, Ch. 7| A Chanteuse and a Challenge Read


Ed. 7, Ch. 8| A Change Artist Read


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Ed. 7, Ch. 11| Hair in Motion Read

Hair tAlk – Wes

Ed. 7, Ch. 12| On Cutting Curl Read

New Wash

Ed. 7, Ch. 13| A Game Changer Read