In a world of soundbites, it is reassuring that many of you have told us how you enjoyed the breadth and depth of our stories. We have many more in progress, but in the meantime we hope you find these new ones inspiring.

Casting for these stories is often done in person in the streets of New York, but mostly through social media. A consultation with us is a bit like having several doctors discussing your case and debating a course of action. You’ve met our lead haircutter Wes, and colorist Roxie – but now meet hairstylist Tony Kelley and makeup artist Yuui Vision, both independent artists like those who now sell our products across the country, and two reasons we understand and support independence in the hairdressing industry.

Our models, as usual, have compelling stories to tell. Several people talk about going gray, naturally and otherwise; Grace discusses practically shaving her head; Paulette undergoes a dramatic and emotional cut; Alannah reveals life as a redhead and is the subject of a Kamikaze cut.

Welcome to Edition 2. 



If You Knew: Tony Kelley


Ed.2, Ch.1 | Minnesota, Aveda, Prada, Banana... Read

Tony kelley: bigwig stylist

Ed.2, Ch.1.1 | The wonderful world of wig craft. Read

What’s your Hairstory? Kate Pelc

Ed.2, Ch.2 | Coloring outside of the box. Read

Silver Linings

Ed.2, Ch.2.1 | Gray: The controversial color (or lack of one). Read

Model Talk: Janelle Anne

Ed.2, Ch.3 | Growing up and getting put-together. Read

I. was. Hooked.

Ed.2, Ch.4 | Four women discover new hair with New Wash. Read

Q&A: Alannah Farrell


Ed.2, Ch.5 | Teenage model and lifelong redhead. Read

Hair Talk: Alannah

Ed.2, Ch.5.1 | Michael and Wes give a Kamikaze cut. Watch

Model Talk: Oakley Boycott

Ed.2, Ch.6 | Asking for help, paring down, and staying focused. Read

Monthly Muse: Meaghan Houck

Ed.2, Ch.7 | Blonde to blue to black and back again... 


Ed.2, Ch.7.1 | A bowl cut, the Beatles, Hair Balm, and blue hair. Read

Model Talk: Grace Yang

Ed.2, Ch.9 | Attitude and Androgyny. Read

Hair Talk: Grace Yang

Ed.2, Ch.9.1 | Is short hair, or even a shaved head inherently “tough?" Read

Styling Talk: Tony Kelley

Ed.2, Ch.10 | Summing up Hairstory styling products. Read

Q&A Yena Kim

Ed.2, Ch.11 | A well-dressed dog, a well-read blog, a brand-new blonde. Read

Hair Talk: Yena Kim

Ed.2, Ch.11.1 | Wes on balance; Roxie on Beige. Read

If You Knew: Yuui Vision

Ed.2, Ch.12 | Makeup, cake, mistakes, and magic. Read

Transformation: Cary Hulbert

Ed.2, Ch.13 | See what the magic combination of Wes, Roxie and New Wash can do. Watch

Paulette’s Haircut

Ed.2, Ch.14 | Short, shorter, shortest: from waist to chin. Read

Emotional Haircuts

Ed.2, Ch.14.1 | Big changes? Big emotions. Read

Q&A Tee Anderson

Ed.2, Ch.15 | A photographer on empathy, emotion, and color that heals. Read

The Long and Short of it

Ed.2, Ch.16 | In praise (and defense) of short hair. Read