- Edition 6, Chapter 3.8 -





I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be behind the chair. The first time I remember vocalizing this was in preschool. The biggest benefit of being a hairstylist is that I don’t ever feel like I'm at work. I'm forever a student, and I get to keep learning as I go, which keeps my life fresh.

Being indie means that I get to decide how I invest my money, and who I allow in my space. I loved being in salons, but as we all know that can expose you to a lot of others’ energy – but when you’re the master of your domain you gain a little bit more control of who you have around, which I appreciate.

My work aesthetic is natural beauty, enhancing what the universe gave you. I love when hair reflects the hair we had in our youth. Not to say I don’t like to have fun and go crazy with the right person, but if left to my own devices, I prefer a lived-in, natural vibe.



Hairstory has changed my life – certainly in the sense that my hair is much more fabulous, as is my clients’ – but it’s also great to have a company that supports me as artist and a business person.

I obviously love love New Wash, and everything Hairstory produces, but in my decade of doing hair I have never worked with a thickener like Dressed Up. You can achieve so much touchable bounce and bulk, usually mutually exclusive. Think Bardot hair that swishes and begs for fingers to be run through it. Who doesn't live for that?