- Edition 2, Chapter 9.1 -



I often say my goal is to eliminate distractions, and that’s exactly what I did here. The idea that short hair, or even a shaved head is inherently “tough” is simply not true. It’s all about balance: her rosy cheeks, Roxie’s mauve cashmere shade, and the quiet strength Grace exudes – it’s really entirely feminine. I think “tomboy” is a word that will become obsolete when we accept that people look best the way they look best.


Grace’s color was simple. I saw the cut, I saw her face, and the luminescent pink of the apples of her cheeks. I was able to match it very closely and it brought a whole new vibrancy to her face. I decided to leave the eyebrows dark because I didn’t want her to look otherworldly or alien – which does work sometimes – because I thought it would be distracting, and I wanted her to remain approachable.