- Edition 2, Chapter 7.1 -

HAIR TALK: Meaghan






I’ve always loved girls with short hair. I find them extremely feminine and intriguing. Meaghan’s pretty androgyny and fascinating peacock-blue hair immediately made me remember a photograph that I love by Peter Lindbergh of Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Uli Stein Meier, and Lynne Koester posing as The Beatles. That was the inspiration, and what made the cut so perfectly modern was the bleach prior to toning that gave Meaghan’s hair a great texture – a naturally separated state that unlike the original Beatles prevented me from making the cut too bowl-like and round. It hardly needed any product, just a dime of Hair Balm to perfectly enhance the lived-in edginess.


Meaghan is one of the few people I still color. We actually joke that she's my only client, as most of my time is spent producing and managing the studio. I think when you meet Meaghan, you would assume she'd opt for extreme colors because she's got this very creative, cool-kid vibe; however, she actually prefers natural shades, usually variations on blonde. 

This was the first time I'd colored Meaghan's hair dark. Something you will find in most of my work is my preoccupation with layering. When I was learning to do color, one of my teachers made reference to how a beautifully painted wall usually has several coats of paint that lends depth and dimension, I see hair the same way. For this color, I think we layered four different glosses to achieve this oil-slicked peacock feather. This color might look black, but in any given light it has shades of blue, teal, even charcoal. It's intricate yet simple.