- Edition 2, Chapter 11.1 -





Yena wanted a haircut that was powerful and wholly unique to her, so I gave myself freedom to experiment with different shapes. I started by opening up the front; that’s why the cut is curved around her face. I kept it longer in the back, a mix of a bowl and a mullet.

However, I looked at Yena again, and noticed how the one shape – the back – was affecting the other: the round front. I had left it way too long at the bottom, and I realized all that length below her shoulder was not serving her. My eye was going down when it needed to go up, up her amazing neck to her face, and ultimately toward her eyes. The final look hits that perfect balance. It still has multiple shapes but they work in unison. It’s a lesson in stepping back, re-evaluating, using your eye, and tweaking appropriately.


Beige. What comes to mind – boring cardigans? The DMV? Sad window treatments? Beige gets a lot of crap from a lot of people who don’t know how to use her! Beige can be thought of as the lightest brown (which consists of yellow, blue and red). It’s a shade we see often as colorists in the lightening process – and it’s not always the planned result, like in Yena’s case.

Yena’s hair had a lot going on chemically from previous dye jobs, so it was really a struggle of chemistry to lift it, but I got to work with the tones that were there, and I decided on a beautiful, mature beige. It’s dignified and rich, and strikes balances with Wes’ very cool cut.