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Our most loyal, fanatical customers are our curly-haired women.

Here's why:

New Wash conditions while it cleanses, eliminating the need for a second product. Curls take shape and fighting frizz is finally finished. Curls: Time to celebrate!

Thanks, but you had me at "curly." I'm ready to buy!

1. Curly girl friendly

Detergent-free means sulfate-free, and we mean it when we say nasty ingredient-free. Conditioning while you cleanse means no more curl compromises.


2. Extra moisture

Formulated to hydrate dry locks, optimize curl, and keep color longer.


3. Go longer between washes

When shampoo no longer dries out your scalp and causes it to produce more oil, day-two and day-three can now be wash-free!


How New Wash works for your hair type


Wavy hair can be tricky – neither straight nor curly, and somewhere in between. Waves tend to be frizzy and flyaway; a relaxed curl pattern can mean a lack of weight and definition.

Traditional shampoos contain detergents which are damaging by nature and strip natural oils leaving hair fluffy and frizzy – a wavy person’s worst nightmare!


Detergent-free New Wash was made with waves in mind to work with instead of against them. A combination of essential oils, "Aloe Vera", and conditioning ingredients add the perfect amount of weight to help define wave shape and calm frizz.

Type 3: Curls


Type 3 curls – springy, bouncy, defined – all thirst for moisture. This type tends to dry out quickly and needs moisturizing agents in all stages of the haircare game, but what to do when shampoo strips curls dry?


New Wash moisturizes while it cleanses. Ingredients such as Jojoba Seed and Sunflower Seed Oils remove oil and buildup while also conditioning and moisturizing. Horsetail Extract conditions and strengthens.

Curl Tip

We recommend Hair Balm to support curl patterns on both wet and dry hair. Part leave-in conditioner and part curl cream, it has anti-humectant properties to make even humid days great hair days.


Type 4 curls are generally tightly curled or coiled, which means fragile strands that are prone to dryness and breakage.

A typical tip for this hair type is not to cleanse too often, but then what? Traditional cleansing comes at a cost; even occasional use of a detergent-based shampoo can strip and cause dryness and breakage.


New Wash means never sacrificing moisture for clean hair. Detergent-free, sulfate-free, and silicone-free, it cleans gently yet effectively with powerful essential oils to nurture curls. Conditioning agents include Horsetail extract and Jojoba seed oil paired with vitamins to help keep hair moisturized and lubricated.

4. Replaces shampoo and conditioner

PLUS most of your other hair products like deep conditioners, masques, and detanglers.


5. Natural, cruelty-free formula

New Wash is an oil-based cleanser with premium essential oils and natural cleansing agents. We test on people, never on animals.


6. Good for the scalp, good for the planet

Not only is New Wash biodegradable, but we donate 1% of every 8-oz purchase to organizations working on water conservation. Every customer can make an impact.


“After two weeks, the dryness and greasiness had - pretty much - subsided, and my hair definitely had a glossy sheen to it. It looked shiny in photos - something I've never experienced before - and I genuinely felt as though I was doing my tresses a good deed.”

“If you have been looking for a way to break free from your shampoo and conditioner, Hairstory just might be your ticket out.”

“I've been using it since October 2016 and have zero complaints—in fact, and at the risk of appearing to veer into hyperbolic territory, my hair (which is significantly lightened, long and thick), has never been easier to care for or felt better than with this product”

New Wash Original

The cult-favorite, one-step hair wash solution.

This detergent-free, creamy hair wash formula cleans and conditions hair, restoring your scalp’s natural balance without stripping it of its good oils or protective barrier. Made with gentle essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients that won’t damage your hair or the environment.

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