Hairdresser FAQ



Who is a Hairstory Coach? A Hairstory Coach is responsible for making sure that everybody who sells Hairstory products is successful.

Who is a Hairstory Hairdresser? A Hairstory Hairdresser is registered to sell Hairstory products and has active Clients buying from them in person and/or online.

Who is a Hairstory Star Hairdresser? A Hairstory Star Hairdresser has referred other hairdressers who are also registered to sell Hairstory products.

Who is a Hairstory Client? A Hairstory Client has bought Hairstory products directly from a Hairstory Hairdresser and/or online.

Who is a Hairstory Star Client? A Hairstory Star Client loves our products so much that they’ve decided to sell them to other people they know.

Who is a Friend of a Star Client? A Friend of a Star Client loves our products and buys them through a Star Client.

Why do I have to register my Clients? Registering your Clients is the only way to ensure that you earn the commissions you are entitled to. Once a Client is in our system, every online purchase of Hairstory products he or she makes will earn you the same commission as when purchased personally from you.

How do I register a Client? Go to the ‘Enroll Offline Clients’ feature in the Back Office to quickly enter client information into the system. Simply enter the first and last name, phone number and/or email address to ensure that their purchases are credited to you. An email will be automatically sent (if an address is provided) to welcome them to Hairstory on your behalf and prompt them to visit the website.

What does Upstream and Downstream mean? If you are a Hairstory Hairdresser, upstream from you is your Coach, or the Hairstory Hairdresser who may have referred you. They will earn commissions on your product purchases and sales. Downstream from you are: Hairdressers you’ve introduced to Hairstory; Clients you have registered; Star Clients you have promoted, and their Friends. All of these people will generate commissions for you every time they purchase or sell products.

How do I promote a Client to Star Client? Go to ‘Promote Star Client’ in the Back Office where you’ll find a list of all of your Clients and their contact information. If one of your Clients would like to be promoted to a Star Client and sell Hairstory products to their friends, simply click on the ‘Promote’ button. They can start selling immediately and earn commission for themselves and for you.


How much are the opening order kits?


Opening Order Kit #1: $360

12 New Wash 8oz for retail

1 New Wash Back Bar

1 Stylist Station Set 


6 New Wash 8oz for retail

1 Hair Balm 4oz for retail

1 Dressed up 4oz for retail 

1 Undressed 4oz for retail

1 New Wash Back Bar

1 Stylist Station Set


3 New Wash 8oz for retail

1 New Wash Back Bar

1 Stylist Station Set


Why does Hairstory require my Social Security number when I register? Since Hairstory pays you commissions, we are required by law to report your earnings to the IRS, and Social Security numbers generally serve as tax ID numbers. It is your responsibility to include Hairstory income on your tax return. Rest assured that your personal information is encrypted so that nobody can see it.

What is Propay? Propay is your commission provider. Sign up once you earn your first commission, and go there every time you want to transfer money from your commission account to either your bank account or to your Hairstory Debit Card. Follow the link to Propay in the Back Office under the ‘Your Business’ menu.

How much do I earn in commissions? The amount you earn on a given sale depends on your role (Hairdresser or Star Client) and whether the person who made the purchase is your direct client or a downstream person’s client. For a detailed explanation of our commission structure, watch the short animation that you’ll find here in the Resource Room, or click here.

How are commissions paid? Commissions accrue in your commission account. Once you have registered with Propay, our commission provider, you may use it to transfer money from your commission account to your bank account, or to your Hairstory Debit Card.

How do I get my Hairstory Debit Card? When you register with Propay, our commission provider, you will be given the option to receive your Hairstory Debit Card.

How long does it take for my commissions to become available?Commissions are posted to your account on the second Monday of each month.  If that second Monday is a holiday, they will be posted the next day. It may take some time between the commissions being posted and your ability to access them in your ProPay account.


What are Back Bar Points? How do they work? We want you to use Hairstory products on every client, so we created the Back Bar Points system for you to be able to earn free back bar. Every time you sell New Wash, Undressed, Hair Balm, Dressed Up, or Fan Club items – and when you purchase back bar items with cash – you earn points that correspond to the retail value of each product.

The maximum point balance is 2000 at all times. Points roll over from month to month and accrue instantly. Redeem your points by ordering products in the back bar store and clicking ‘redeem points’ when you check out.

How do I check my Back Bar Points balance? View your point balance by looking in the top right-hand section of the navigation bar in the Back Office. The number next to the P is your point balance.

What happens if a client of mine relocates to another part of the country? Once they register as your client, you will continue to earn commissions from your clients’ online purchases, no matter where they live.

What is the Resource Room? The Resource Room holds important material for your own reference (and occasional entertainment) and for sharing with others when explaining Hairstory. Over time, Resource Room features and functions will become more and more comprehensive.

How do I change the personal information in my account? To change your address, payment methods, notifications profile, or add your hairdressing license, click on ‘Personal Account Settings’ and edit the appropriate fields.

Is Hairstory a pyramid scheme? Hairstory is not even remotely a pyramid scheme, or a multi-level marketing company (MLM). Firstly, pyramids and MLMs offer commissions on sales multiple levels down. Hairstory offers commissions only one level down as thanks for introducing Hairstory to new hairdressers and clients.

Secondly, pyramids and MLMs typically have large opening orders because they make most of their money by selling “the opportunity” instead of selling products to end consumers. Hairstory has very small opening orders, and no one involved with Hairstory makes money unless end customers love our products.

Why aren’t Hairstory products available in sample sizes? Samples are a waste of time, money and material. They simply fill the desire for “free stuff” and help salespeople feel more generous, but studies have shown no effect on actual sales. In addition, the small amounts of product they contain may not be enough to demonstrate the effectiveness of a product, and in our case devalue something special. In short, they are an old way of doing business and we are creating a new model.

The best way for a hairdresser to demonstrate our products is to use them at every opportunity during a service to create a seamless, controlled, and educational experience for clients.  



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