Hair Stories

Hairstory is our name because we help people rewrite their hair stories with extraordinary products, but also because we are fascinated by how hair can be an opening to learn more about a person’s inner life and their relationship to the outer world. These hair stories – some told by Hairstory customers, others by Hairstory hairdressers – are the heart of why we do what we do. Enjoy.    

Hairdresser Mona Baltazar is passionate about working with women of curl and helping them make the very most of their true texture. Watch this short film to get a taste of her approach, and then watch her scissors take flight at Hairstory Studio for a recent Facebook Live event brought to you by Hairbrained.

Meet Mayfield, a dancer and farm manager at a school in the Bronx, who talks about keeping her hair natural, making deliberate choices, and aspiring to "walk lightly on this planet."

Meet Jennifer - emergency medicine nurse, mom, former doula, and aspiring photographer - who after two decades of caring for others has renewed her commitment to taking care of herself and banishing chaos from her life.

Nackie Karcher, owner of The Karcher salon and spa in Brooklyn, recounts her journey from session to salon work, why New Wash fits her family’s lifestyle, and how Hairstory fosters the stylist’s livelihood by earning more while spending less, and allowing clients to shop how they want to – online.

Meet Kim, a bartender and "talkologist" who is in love with Wes' scissor wizardry, New Wash, and New York. She agreed to go on camera and share thoughts about washing, wearing, walking, and how her hair takes her confidence to new highs.

"What comes out of your head isn't what's in your head," says Michelle, a lawyer from D.C. who – thanks to Hairstory – "stopped torturing and being so mean" to her hair and loving it again.

Katheryn, producer of documentary and feature films and newly proud member of the Hairstory community, has some sound advice for other curly women, especially about passing on curl-positivity to future generations.

Meet Derek Bauer, a private investigator with a serious passion for sneakers and New Wash.