Why is Hairstory so innovative?

We are the only hair company to earn a place on the list because of one simple but life changing invention: we took a stand against traditional shampoo and created a better way to wash hair.

As a hairdresser, you know that shampoo is problematic for hair and skin. Instead of recommending less frequent use or relying on conditioners, we invented cleansers that respect the natural intelligence of the scalp.


  • New Wash cleanses and moisturizes hair with essential oils and naturally-derived cleansers, NO detergents or silicones, and 100% natural fragrance.
  • New Wash conditions hair at the same time and leaves it tangle-free.
  • Color lasts far longer; curls love it, and scalps get so much happier.
  • Styling becomes a choice, not a chore (and your hands will thank you when they no longer have to work with detergent at the bowl).
  • 3 formulations ensure that everyone – from driest to oiliest – can wash the new way, and say “no way” to suds.
  • 100% Biodegradable

It’s rare when a zeitgeist-rattling beauty destination opens. We’ve seen our share of glitzy salons with rococo mirrors and complimentary champagne, exclusive celebrity spas with gadgets and gizmos aplenty […] But the reason a downtown New York City studio called Hairstory became an immediate cult sensation and championed by beauty editors is thanks to an artistic commitment frequently compared to Andy Warhol’s Factory.

- Katie Becker

“I’ve gone from using shampoo and gobs of conditioner, plus a styling balm, plus a mask at least once a week, to using only New Wash.”

- Kristen Philipkoski

After years of no-shampoo approaches, I found a way to clean my hair that actually works for me... And my salvation comes by means of a novel new detergent-free hair cleanser called New Wash..

- Melissa Breyer

Damaged hair owners, listen up! New Wash Opens a New Window. can help revive hair that’s been hurt by bleach and fried by heat styling (guilty as charged).

- Isabella Zaydenberg 

Shampoo Is Dead—and Its Rival Is Gathering a Cult Following. Say hello to Hairstory’s New Wash the shampoo, conditioner, and detangler in one bottle. The minimalist bottle looks shy, but the formula inside packs a punch.

- Kristin Limoges

My life = changed. New Wash is the most incredible blend of non-toxic, nourishing, but somehow also cleansing ingredients that acts as a very gentle cleanser, but also deeply moisturizes your hair. I don’t understand how it works, but I’m super into it.”

- Laurel Pantin

As a curly that has been through the ringer when it comes to finding the right hair products, I LOVE sharing when I find a new brand that works for me. So, meet Hairstory.

- Kiana Tipton

   Reviews by Hairdressers

“Here was a product that fit my own lifestyle – one that doesn’t have all the ingredients I was moving away from. The business model allows stylists to offer a product they believe in and earn more commissions on sales. It’s very smart.”

The Karcher
Brooklyn, New York

“I love Hairstory with all of my heart. I think it is the most sexy, unique, delicious range of hair products that in 30 years of hairdressing hasn’t gotten me as excited. It’s my mission to let everybody know that they need to be into it.”

Mathew Alexander Salon
London, England

“The first time I used New Wash I never looked back. Because I fell in love with it, all my clients fell in love with it. It just works. I love that my clients can order online. They love that they can order online. We’re still getting credit. They love to know that, and I love to share that.”

Kellyn Loves Hair
Boston, Massachussetts