- Edition 2, Chapter 12-

If You Knew: Yuui vision



Yuui is our resident makeup artist with a quiet humility, refined eye, and an innate collaborative spirit. She engages with our models in a way that puts them at ease – listening intently, and nurturing their confidence. Here Yuui reveals some truths behind the Vision.



Yuui dreamed of becoming a famous ballerina.

I was a ballerina at the age of three until my early teens. It wasn’t sustainable because I liked cake. However, I learned discipline and poise, calmness under pressure, and the beauty of line, movement, and all artistry.



She is a self-taught makeup artist.

There are many great things about being self-taught; number one: I think you make more mistakes. How is that a great thing? Well, as Roxie and Gina said in the last edition: with more mistakes come more lessons. My technique is very different because I’ve made bold mistakes – I’m more painterly  than most. My eye is very strong, because I had to absorb everything, and categorize everything on my own. Being self-taught forced me to get out there, to network, to meet people, assist anyone. If someone calls me a good collaborator, it’s because I know no other way.



Her spirit animal is a unicorn.

I am a Sagittarius, so I feel very connected to unicorns. I feel safe telling the Hairstory audience that I am a unicorn, since I imagine them all as a bit unicorn inside. We all have magic, and seeing myself as a unicorn, I tap into it more often!



Her name means “Be there as you wish” in Japanese.

My parents never gave me a straight answer about my name, but they always encouraged me to be who I wanted to be. I don’t know if they really know what their crazy daughter is doing in New York, but they know I’m doing what I wish. That must be pretty great for a mom and dad.



She believes places call people.

I was drawn to Tokyo. I was drawn to New York. I can give you reasons, but essentially it was a gravitational pull, a feeling of necessity.



She believes you need to choose the character you want to become in life.

Yuui came from my parents, and Vision comes from Kenyon Phillips, the first artist who took a chance on me to do makeup for all his shoots and videos. I love it. It’s perfect with “Yuui” and I like having a “stage name” rather than my given name because I do not want to be pigeonholed. Yuui Vision is a makeup artist, but the next Yuui can be whomever she wants to be. We’re all constantly changing, evolving, revolving, transformative creatures by nature. I’m very serious and dedicated to my makeup career but who knows what is next for me? I will travel my unique path.