hair TALK: Jaclyn Luft



One of the things we get to do at Hairstory Studio is talk about hair. It sounds like that would be obvious, but for some reason there seems to be little talk about hair in most salons. Because creating original content is at the center of what we do, our focus becomes the model, her hair, what’s possible, and what makes her look her very best.

So the typically very brief consultation between hairdresser and client has for us developed into more of a dialogue, and because we often have three cooks in the kitchen – colorist, cutter and stylist – we have a unique opportunity that isn't always available in a salon.

By sharing this with you, we are hoping to encourage this kind of conversation that we call "Hair Talk." 

– Michael Gordon  




You’ll hear me repeat Diana Vreeland’s adage again and again: The eye has to travel. Whether it’s a magazine layout, an outfit, or a face, composition is everything. For Jaclyn, I wanted the eye to travel from her cheekbones to her wide-open eyes. Roxie’s blush tone made Jackie’s eye color appear so much softer and paler. Even at a glance, you see her directly with no distractions. It’s simply a great, modern bob for a chic, prepossessing woman.


For the past couple of years, I’ve been in pursuit of colors that straddle the line between what I call young and innocent pastels and more ashy tones. I’ve been calling them “inquisitive colors” because they often make people wonder, “Is this color natural? What color is it even?” It’s exciting when I can strike people’s curiosity with my work.

The pink I chose for Jaclyn was neither too warm nor too cool. It made her skin look creamy but also brought out the rose in the apples of her cheeks. As a colorist my job is always primarily to balance hair tone with skin tone, which this color is a quintessential example of. I was so happy with Jackie’s reaction. She told me she had “found herself” in the color.