Navigation of Success

Hairstory is an entirely new way to look at hair and an entirely new approach to business. Usually when people are confronted with something new, they compare it to something they know. However, nothing like Hairstory has ever existed, so it’s important to approach it with a fresh perspective.

There are many ways to grow and flourish within our culture and business model; we’ve put together the following road map to help you get there as quickly as possible. After you’ve finished each step, get in touch with your coach; it’s a lot of information and you’re bound to have questions. They are there for you whenever you need them.  





Your Back Office is where you can track sales, orders, and commissions.

Inside your Back Office is the Resource Room, which will provide you with all information you need to succeed.

  • Watch Eli’s Back Office Tour (he’s our CEO and an incredible source of business advice).
  • Read the Glossary + FAQs (you want to be as knowledgeable as possible when discussing the line with clients).
  • Listen to Eli’s Podcast on Best Practices (we suggest writing them down and reviewing them every morning).
  • Contact Your Coach to discuss inventory options.





As a hairdresser you have an incredible opportunity to promote yourself on social media. We encourage you to present your work on all platforms, follow people who inspire you, and join our very engaged community.

  • Review the Social Media Tips.
  • Create accounts on the platforms that feel right for you (if you haven’t already).

Follow us:

  1. Hairstory Studio
  2. ModernGentlemanMG
  3. Your Coach
  • Browse all the content and feel free to take anything to promote your involvement with Hairstory.
  • Read all the Editions and check out all the content on
  • Read the Newsroom for all press on Hairstory products and the studio.





  • Watch the Science of New Wash video.
  • Watch the styling product videos.
  • Introduce New Wash to your clients at backbar.
  • Play with the styling products, and contact your coach if you have any questions.
  • Give us your feedback. We love to hear success stories and share them.





This is an important time to talk to your coach. Think of them as your advocate, consultant, and friend. Whatever goals you might have – saving for a trip, money towards rent – they’re here to help you accomplish what you’ve set out to accomplish.

  • Check out the Earnings Calculator.
  • Enroll your offline clients (located in the back office) in order to capture their online sales and ensure your commissions.
  • Follow up with clients about their experience with New Wash.
  • Contact your coach to discuss a plan.





Once you feel confident about the line and your ability to promote it, share the love.

  • Watch our film Hairstory + You, which outlines our business model in simple terms.
  • Listen to Eli’s Podcast Know Your Business Model, so you feel informed and confident when speaking with other hairdressers.
  • Create a list of hairdressers you think would be interested in Hairstory.
  • Speak with your coach about the best ways to reach out.

You’re at a very exciting turning point in your career, and we’re very excited to be there with you.