- Edition 2, Chapter 4 -

I. Was. Hooked.





Sian Gordon 

Sian is our president Michael’s daughter, and has been blessed with a head of curls as perfect as his – albeit blonde ones. Practicing yoga from a young age with her father inspired Sian to pursue her own path and now runs the bicoastal studio Love Yoga. As an early adopter of New Wash, and just as discerning as her father is, we asked Sian about her hair washing practice.



Shani Hadjian 

Shani, an actress, photographer, and occasional model, applied to be a Hairstory model stating: “It’s time for me to notice myself more and take pride in me, and I think a change in hair can do just that.” Shani was no stranger to dramatic change, chopping her waist length hair to a close crop just a few years ago, so she was ready for another big experience. With the help of a fresh cut from Wes, a double-process-blonde from Roxie – and the New way to Wash it – Shani has again transformed.



Janelle, a writer who came in for fresh cut and color recently, put her first experience with New Wash beautifully: “I was handed a bottle of the product that advertises miracles. Determined to preserve the halo that is now my hair, I took it home for the real test – could this last? Three days later, I finally washed my hair. Instead of the usual lather, rinse, repeat nonsense, I massaged the creme in, aggressively rinsing it out before towel drying as usual. With a few strokes of a cheap, wide-toothed comb, the wet mop smoothed into a detangled wonder. I oohed and ahhed, letting it air dry (as recommended) until I awoke the next day to voluminous, perfectly disheveled hair – a look difficult to replicate daily without a professional touch. But I did, with almost no effort. OK, I did nothing, unless you count entrusting my hair to an all-star team that gets it. I. Was. Hooked.”


Marti, a model, originally from DC, was shocked by how well New Wash worked on her curls: “My very southern Grandmother always told me, ‘White people’s hair products just don’t work in our hair, so don’t put it in there or you’re gonna be upset; it’s going to break your hair off.’ So, the first time I came into Hairstory – I’m not gonna lie – I was nervous. I was thinking, ‘I hope they don’t mess up my hair; I hope they know how to work with my texture,’ because I’ve been on set before and had stylists look at my hair and ask, ‘What am I supposed to do with this?’ Being biracial, a lot of products just don’t work with my curl pattern, and regular shampoo dries my hair out too much, but I like New Wash more than shampoo and conditioner because I don’t need all of the extra products: shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, oil, dry shampoo. With New Wash I don’t have to go through that whole lineup every week. I just don’t have the time for it. I’m busy!”



New Wash Fan Club

Once people discover New Wash, they will never to go back to shampoo because their hair is nothing less than transformed. As a result, they want to make sure they never run out, so we created the Hairstory Fan Club. When you join, you’ll receive New Wash (and any other products you love) as often as you need. You set the frequency, and you can easily change or cancel your order at any time. Your first shipment will include, free of charge, a 20-ounce aluminum New Wash bottle that will last for years. This is your dispenser to refill with regular deliveries of a re-sealable New Wash pouch. So not only can you keep your shower clutter-free; you can reduce waste in your household. Not that you need another incentive, but the Fan Club New Wash price is 10% cheaper per ounce – less money, less waste, more convenience, and more great hair.