“ This stuff is expensive! 
We’re used to hearing that about New Wash.
Our response: Yes... and no.

Yes, if you use bargain brands.
Yes, if your hair doesn’t matter to you
(but you wouldn’t be reading this if it didn’t).

No, if you usually buy both shampoo and conditioner.
No way, if you also buy masque or salon treatments.
No, if you don’t shampoo daily (nobody should).
No, if you want every day to be a good hair day.

Why is it expensive?
We didn’t start with a budget, per se. We built the best cleanser we could with the best ingredients (some organic) and the best performance and the best fragrance made entirely of natural oils (synthetics are far cheaper, but you smell what you pay for). Only when we were satisfied did we come up with pricing that cover our parts and labor, and sustains this family-run upstart startup.

Once the whole world is New Washing, economy might scale differently. Until then, thousands of people say they’re getting their money’s worth, like these:

I don’t think the price is unreasonable given that it’s both shampoo and conditioner in one. And I no longer need expensive conditioning treatments at the salon.
– Roberta K.

Sometimes I miss the bubbles, but what a small price to pay for having healthy hair that I don’t have to spend my hard earned dollars on expensive product cocktails!
Kate A.  

Yes it’s expensive but it has made my hair look healthy and shiny without having to do anything to it. It’s the stuff of magic, so yes I do think it’s worth it.
– Zoe W.

I could only be happier if this stuff were less expensive, but hey, my scalp has never been this happy.
– Jessi M.

Considering what I was spending before to fix my hair, this is a deal.
– Julie L.

Yeah, it is expensive, but I use no other products anymore: No masque, no conditioner, no oil, no styling gel or foam. So I don’t know; it sounds like a good deal!
– Irene-Angelica C.

For more opinions on cost vs. value, search customer reviews for NEW WASH or  NEW WASH (DEEP) or NEW WASH (RICH) with the keyword “expensive,” or look up anything else you’ve got on your mind. And if you don't know which one is right for you, go visit the WIZARD

Bottom line: 
We want you to be happy. If you don't like New Wash, let us know and we'll give you your money back!