For a small company, we have managed to reach a large number of people through the press. While it fuels our growth, it also energizes our cause to help people make better choices, and gives momentum to our movement away from detergent toward more sustainable hairdressing – and better hair. Read on and please share.

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The Cleanser That Saved My Hair from Ruin

"But in my five months using it, way more people have taken notice of the increased lustre in my hair (most people just say it looks shiny, but lustre sounds very hair-product endorsement)."


The Shampoo Replacement I Only Have to Use Once a Week

"Describing a shampoo as “cult” is like describing a laundry start-up as “revolutionary,” or a Katy Perry outfit as “iconic.” The adjective mocks its own premise. I understand this. But I am going to write about a cult shampoo anyway, because “cult” is the only way to describe this bottle of enigmatic, white goo. The brand is Hairstory, and the product is called New Wash."


A New Way to Wash Your Hair?

"I'm not going to call out any miracles here, but I am pretty damn excited about Hairstory's New Wash which has completely and positively disrupted the last 30 days of my haircare routine."


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