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Most hair products are created by marketing executives in boardrooms, without much thought as to who they are marketing to. They knock off other companies’ successful products, and engineer thousands of “solutions” to problems that their products (i.e. shampoo) actually create. New Wash, our star product, is the result of Michael Gordon’s awakening to the idea of replacing not just shampoo, but challenging the status quo of an industry he has pioneered for decades. It is not a “sulfate-free shampoo” or “co-wash,” but an entirely unique and revolutionary idea that turns the hair care industry on its head – an idea that many hair product companies do not and can not embrace because their empires depend on buying into the myth of shampoo.

Our revolutionary new line brings hair back to its natural, child-like state, and keeps it there. It works on all hair types, regardless of age, race, texture, or length. All of our styling products are designed to work harmoniously with New Wash to bring out and enhance naturally beautiful texture without feeling coated, sticky, or weighed down.

Hairstory is, decidedly and confidently, not just another hair product line. It is a new way of defining beauty.



New Wash

New Wash is a revolutionary product.

  • A universal hair cleanser that doesn’t strip away all of the good things means less product used less often, and less money down the drain. 
  • Works on all hair types
  • Does not contain detergent, (sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, or glucosides). 
  • Contains fatty alcohols which naturally occur in plants like jojoba, aloe, peppermint and sunflower. These act as gentle cleansing agents without stripping away the natural protective layer on the scalp and hair.
  • Since you don’t need to condition, you’ll be using a lot less water in the shower.
  • We proudly list all of our naturally-derived fragrance ingredients (ranging from damask rose to ylang ylang flower oils) for your knowledge and well-being.

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