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Scalp Brush

Make your New Wash ritual more soothing, relaxing, and more effective, especially if you struggle with oiliness or rinsing New Wash completely. Silicone bristles are soft enough to feel great – yet stiff enough to do the job: promote blood circulation for more vigorous hair growth and less hair loss, remove dandruff and impurities, and protect the scalp from fingernails. The scalp massage brush is highly recommended for new travelers on the shampoo-free journey.

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Scalp Brush

Questions about Brush? We’ve untangled them here

Use our brush in the shower to apply New Wash and rinse it from your hair.

Apply New Wash to your scalp and ends, then use the brush to vigorously scrub your scalp. This better distributes product, loosens impurities, and stimulates hair growth.

Use it to scrub the scalp while rinsing, this removes excess product and stubborn impurities. Then, brush from root to end to guide everything from your hair and down the drain.

Scrub back and forth along the grain of your hair. Avoid scrubbing in a circular motion as that can cause tangling.

Scrub harder than you think! Many New Wash users come to our salon and are surprised at the force our stylists apply. The silicone bristles will not hurt your head or damage your hair, so tire that arm out!

We don’t recommend it. Our brush was designed for use in the shower and is not meant to comb hair from root to tip. The term “brush” can be misleading, as it really is a scalp scrubber.

Not when you factor in how many products New Wash replaces! Say goodbye to your shampoo and conditioner, plus many post-shower hair care products used to address styling, tangles, frizz, color-fade, etc. Additionally, many users report needing to wash less, which means a single pouch lasts longer.

Meet the one product that cleans, conditions, detangles, and repairs – a safer, smarter way to wash and rinse. Spend far less on your hair care with New Wash; great hair is just one bottle away. New Wash simplifies your routine, period. Say so long to all those other products cluttering your shelves.

Yes! New Wash has a natural fragrance with notes of rose, ylang-ylang, clove, and other essential oils. It does not contain synthetic fragrances, which can irritate sensitive scalps.

New Wash benefits hair immediately, but all hair types are different so some scalps need to adjust and may experience oil or flakes. This transition period is natural and more commonly experienced by oily or fine-haired users.

New Wash can help! A flaky scalp is often caused by irritating detergents found in shampoo. None of our New Wash formulas contain these irritants. In fact, they will help to calm inflamed, suffering scalps.

Wash as frequently or infrequently as you see fit! New Wash is gentle enough to be used daily, even on colored hair, but many users have found they can go much longer between washes.

Biodegradable New Wash comes to you in pouches, not plastic bottles, and one pouch replaces both your shampoo and conditioner. Switching from bottles of shampoo and conditioner to a single pouch of New Wash reduces plastic consumption by 91%.

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