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Get ready to change your hair’s life with New Wash

New Wash is a detergent-free, one-step cleanser and conditioner designed to bring out the best in your hair.

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Did you know traditional shampoo is filled with detergent, parabens and harsh chemicals that strip the hair and scalp of its natural oils which leads to overproduction of oil (we see you, oily hair), a completely stripped scalp and damaged hair? That's why we made New Wash, a natural hair cleanser filled with essential oils to provide moisture for hydrated, healthy hair that never needs conditioner again.

New Wash is a revolutionary hair product that removes regular shampoo from the equation. Our hair cleansers are designed for your unique hair type - whether you have curly hair, fine hair, dry hair, oily hair color-treated hair, or anything in between. Each creamy hair wash is designed to let hair fall the way it's naturally meant to - with its texture enhanced and shine showing through. New Wash is simple to use: wet hair and massage the hair wash thoroughly into the scalp to cleanse, then simply rinse clean. Take your hair care to the next level by saying goodbye to sudsing and hello to cleansing!