- Edition 2, Chapter 11 -




Yena Kim, 28, runs a very successful tumblr for her dog, Bohdi, under the name Menswear Dog. Unlike other social media famous pets, Bohdi the Shiba Inu wears human clothing, and recently published a book of the same name on his guide to style. Yena previously had a career in the fashion industry and now styles and photographs Bodhi with her partner, David. Here Yena tells us about herself, how they came up with their unusual pet project, and why she decided to trust Hairstory with a major change.

Where are you from?

I was born in Korea, raised in India, and assembled in New York.

What brought you to NYC?

Fashion and culture.

What do you do?

My job description tends to change every two years or so. I am currently a photographer/designer with a spark for social media.

What are your biggest creative influences?

Anyone and everyone has something that they do more excellently than I do, and there's a lesson to be learned in every encounter, so I try to soak in the good influence.

How did you find us at Hairstory?

I found Hairstory through the lovely Gina who I went to FIT with. I follow her on Instagram and her hair transformations were enough for me to give Hairstory's Instagram a follow.

What made you interested in being a Hairstory model?

I wanted to see what was possible in the hands of hair gurus since I've always been the type to experiment with cut and color. I wanted to step out and become a different person for a few months. I've always searched for the head of hair that makes me feel most like myself at that moment.

What was your favorite part about being a Hairstory model?

Meeting the crew was a definitely a plus – it was a fun, collaborative energy and it was great that I got to witness the process first-hand. Hair is looked at in a different way at Hairstory, and it's approached with mindful color palettes based on the canvas (the model).

Bohdi the Menswear Dog
Bohdi the Menswear Dog

How did the idea for Menswear Dog come about?

My partner Dave and I were bored one day and we thought we'd pass the time at our dog Bodhi's expense. We dressed him up in menswear and found that he had a certain sass for modeling, so we shared the pictures on the internet and it snowballed from there.

Have you been surprised by the popularity of what you do?

Absolutely – It's a surprise to me every day, but I do believe that people can use all the feel-good puppy images the world can create. It's the cheapest and fastest form of stress-management.



What do you think your relationship with your hair says about you?

Hair makes one of the biggest statements when it comes to physical appearance (or a first impression) so it can drastically change the way you act and feel. I still have the blonde from my Hairstory session a few months ago and it has made me do things that brunette me wouldn't do.

To see more of Bodhi, visit www.mensweardog.tumblr.com