- Edition 9, Chapter 1 -



Sixteen Years of Hair



Recurring Hairstory model Siri Simran emailed us with a request:

“My 16 year-old brother Dattar has never cut his hair and has now made the decision to cut it. It's kind of a big deal for him and he's very excited and nervous. I was wondering if you knew of any salons or barbers that you think would be fitting for the situation?”

Dattar and Siri were raised in as Sikhs, who follow the practice of not cutting their hair. Several years ago, Siri made the decision to cut hers, and now it was Dattar’s turn. We wanted him to experience such an important event in the sanctuary of Hairstory Studio, so we invited him and Siri to come in.

Stylist Wes Sharpton sat down with him and they came to the conclusion that with such a dramatic change, keeping some of his length would help with the transition. After the cut – and an abundant braid ready to donate to Locks of Love – we watched as Dattar emerged a very different young man.