- Edition 3 -

This edition of Hairstory features something that should be particularly interesting to those hairdressers among you with an interest in editorial work. In it, you will find a prime example of how an idea – in this case an iconic movie from the 1970s – can inspire a hairdresser (Tony Kelley) to collaborate with a fashion stylist (Steven Schul), the right model (Marina), and a photographer (Michael Gordon) to create a striking visual story.

But, as you know if you’ve been following along with us, professional models are rare at Hairstory Studio as we tend to feel most inspired seeking out non-models who are unaware of their potential to look amazing. Kelly Otterness is a prime example of this, a young woman we discovered among the throngs of beautiful people here in New York, and watching the transformation she underwent is remarkable. Cat Meyer is a producer and sometime colorist here at the studio, and while her first shoot as a model with us made her sick with nerves, over time she has mastered the art of modeling. By reading through her story, you can see the incredible variety of cuts, colors and styles she has worn during the past year and carried with effortless grace.

Finally, we strongly believe that the time has come to expand the spectrum of color in the hair industry. Our collective eye has been considerably opened by the work Roxie and Cat do here at the studio, color that ranges from vibrant to subtle, matte to iridescent, and sublime and complex shades that conventional vocabulary fails to describe.




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