Gravity Water: Sustainable Solutions

You voted for one of the 5 non-profit organizations tackling water-related issues last quarter to receive 1% of 8-oz New Wash sales. Take a deeper dive into the one who received the most votes: Gravity Water. “Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink,” laments the ancient mariner. The same could be said on land […]

The Hairdresser’s Holiday Survival Guide

You’re probably busy – wig-flippingly so – this month. How do you survive the holidays and keep yourself sane until it’s all over? And when it is, what then? Take some tips from fellow hairdressers to prosper in December and plan for January. Schedule “Just today I got 3 frantic emails from clients who didn’t […]

I Do Hair. How Do I Become a Hairdressing Educator?

Many people do hair well. But can they teach somebody else how to do it well? One of the most unfair of sayings is “Those who can’t do teach.” If you’ve never heard that one before, forget you read it here, because good teachers have skills most of us can only wish for. If you […]

Square “Loans”: Pros and Cons

Financial Perspective from Eli Halliwell, Hairstory CEO Many Hairstory hairdressers use Square both to process credit card transactions and to schedule clients’ visits. We like to recommend it as generally affordable and straightforward – especially in salons with multiple independent hairdressers working together.  Is a Square Loan really a loan? Many of you who use […]

Apple Cider Vinegar: Good for Hair?

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) has a reputation as the ultimate does-it-all, health-enhancing ingredient for the body from bug bites to kidney stones – and rinsing hair. But should you be taking your pantry into the bathroom and using salad dressing for hairdressing? In theory, Yes. But in practice? There are reasons to be cautious. Here are […]

Salon Consultations: Define your style

We all agree that a great salon consultation is crucial to doing your job well. But every hairdresser is unique, and so is every client, and the conversation can take unexpected directions. At the end of the day, it’s about clear communication, creating connection, and making sure that you’re both on the same page before […]

Hair Volume: 10 tips for fine-haired folks

Damn that gravity! It keeps making things droop when you really want them to rise – as fine hair can. If adding hair volume to your story is a glamour goal, you’ve come to the right place for tips, tricks, and products that won’t let you down. LOSE WEIGHT The root of most solutions is, […]

Salon Work is Energy Work

“All hairstylists work with energy,” says Nicole Cichocki, master stylist and founder of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness in New York City. “But most don’t have the knowledge or tools to navigate it. It’s like a superhero not knowing how to use their superpowers!”  Energy work is a process where a practitioner consciously uses intention to […]

Gray Hair: A Silver Lining

In this age of anti-aging, it’s hard not to greet one’s gray hair in the mirror each morning without seeing the ghost of a more colorful youth. But that’s exactly the point. For most of us proud silver-tops, chrome-domes, and gray-manes, it is a potent reminder that life is nothing but change – and if […]

Streaming: Doing Hair on TV

Hairdressers who work in film and television (less different today than ever) are masters at juggling the needs of the production with the needs of the actors they transform and maintain for their roles. Here are some shows where hair does a fair share of the storytelling. RIVERDALE Rosa Terraciano, head of hair department Calyvn Cass, […]

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