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In the Studio

Jason Banister

Educated and cultured in SF. Refined and honed in NYC. Jason brings together the best of both worlds. A creative and intuitive approach supported by rigorous, elegant technique. Seeking always to enhance what is already there by taking away what is unnecessary. Resulting in a style that is effortless and impactful. 

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Julia Elena

Julia frequently refers to a mantra she wrote to remind herself why she does what she does: "One of my purposes in life is to make women feel as beautiful as they are on the inside. All women have the freedom to do that, and it is a privilege to have this gift to share."

Now that Julia has begun her independent color practice after an intensive apprenticeship with Roxie Darling, she relishes the opportunity to follow her intuition with a mindful approach to every single client. “When you come to see me,” she says, “I modify my technique depending on what is needed.” On occasion she needs to restrain her natural enthusiasm. “Sometimes I have to say ‘no’ if I can’t promise that the hair will maintain its integrity. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should.”

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Wes Sharpton

Wes believes that finding the perfect cut is not about hiding imperfections or adhering to rules of face shapes, but rather flattering unique features and enhancing natural beauty. He credits Hairstory products for allowing him to give better haircuts, explaining that detergent-free New Wash helps create a healthier and more consistent texture for everyone.

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