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Doing More to Lessen our Impact

The Bigger Picture

We founded Hairstory with the intention of bringing a more sustainable, healthful, and mindful business to the world. We knew we’d only use non-toxic ingredients. We knew we would make refillable packaging a central theme. And we knew we would give back by financially supporting like-minded, hands-on nonprofits that do the heavy lifting in defending and improving local environments.

The reality is that any time you make something to sell, you impact the environment. You need inputs, you need manufacturing, you need packaging, you need distribution. Those all generate a carbon footprint; the only way to avoid it is to not consume at all. But, we need to feed, clean, and clothe ourselves. Life requires consumption, and our goal is to minimize its environmental impact.

Our goal:
Happy Hair and a Happier Planet

Flexible pouches require significantly less plastic to make than rigid bottles, and they take much less space to ship when empty. And because you don’t need a conditioner when you switch to New Wash, you slash your consumption of products (and packaging) in half immediately. Overall, the impact of switching to pouches of New Wash cuts the carbon footprint of your packaging by 85%.

Currently, over half our sales are to Refill Club members. We are in the process of transitioning to a 100% refillable beauty company, and as we do, more and more of our sales will be for refill pouches. We strive to attract customers who love our products and will replenish them regularly with durable, refillable dispensers.

  • People go through an average of 16 bottles of shampoo & conditioner a year

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Finally, recyclable pouches.

Flexible packaging (pouches) have much to recommend them, but the type that is suitable for personal care products is typically made up of multiple layers of material that make them hard to recycle. Our new pouches are made from one type of plastic and can be recycled normally.


What can you do to help the planet?

There are many steps you can take to make a salon greener, from lighting and water consumption to air quality and clean products. For a series of articles on the subject, head here.
Salons can recycle everything that a household can, and more: Hair clippings can be repurposed to make booms to collect oil after a spill, and even color chemical waste can be broken down into components and disposed of safely. Green Circle Salons is a great place to learn more.

A sustainable hair salon is one that prioritizes reasonable consumption, low toxicity, and minimal waste to lessen their impact on the planet and protect staff and clients from toxic materials and environments.

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