- Edition 2, Chapter 13-

Transformation: Cary Hulbert



Cary, 29, is an MFA candidate in the Visual Arts Program at Columbia University where her work focuses on plexiglass installation pieces, and photogravure, a printmaking process. As an artist, she says, “My brown hair has always seemed lackluster, so I've dyed it a multitude of different shades and tried out just about every possible style – short, bob, bangs, you name it.” During her casting session, she described her cut as “too plain for me because it doesn’t convey my creativity or my upbeat personality.”

Cary’s new hairstory is notable for a few reasons: 1) New Wash transformed Cary's hair revealing an effortless texture; 2) The cut respects Cary’s wish to keep length while satisfying Wes’ need to make it more interesting, and 3) the hair painting technique that Roxie used proves her skill with natural tones to be equal to her reputation as the queen of rainbow brights.

To see examples of Cary’s artwork, visit www.caryhulbert.com.