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Meanwhile, these tips have helped many people adapt to the New way to Wash:
 Be sure that you use enough New Wash and massage it vigorously into your scalp; we recommend 4-5 pumps (8-oz bottle).
 Use your fingertips and really scrub – like they do in a salon.
 Use more New Wash as needed to work through your hair length. It should be well-coated and easy to finger or comb through.
 We suggest leaving New Wash in while tending to the rest of your body.
 Finally, rinse really, (really) well. Use your fingers and hands to help.
 Our shower Brush helps to better apply and rinse New Wash (it also feels great).

Some people find it best to wash more frequently (every day perhaps for a week or so) or repeating at first. The body needs time to stop producing the oil it is so used to replacing when shampoo is used. Many find our Art of Washing page with lots of tips helpful during their transition. We know from experience that New Wash can work for everyone; just be persistent and patient. We promise it will be worth it!

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